What a student gave to one of my teachers

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Marauder’s Map.

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Maybe we would wake up and found ourselves in the beginning again

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Looking through all of these photos’ making me cry and I don’t even know why. I think it’s just now that I realized that it has been 6 years. 6 fucking years since I last saw my cousin and 6 weeks was hella short to fill in the gap. I haven’t even told her everything that I wanted to talk about,…

oh how i miss you neneng :( wish i could just stay there forever!! I swear we’ll be spending more quality time when i get back! i miss you guys so much!!!

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I was with the most amazing people during the most amazing week of my life! Went to Bora with Ate Michie, Ate Sarah, Dos, Ate Inah, Ate Carla, Tita Gigi (y’know adult supervision lol), Mommy A and Tita Linda.

Monday (June 17, 2013):

Our flight for Bora got “cancelled”. Tambay muna kami kila…

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brunch at the street of Myeong-dong (:image

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"Everyone wants to find a reason to live. So, in order to find that reason some risk it all in a fleeting love. Others risk it on a moment of passion. Either way, it’s all the same. All this will come to pass."

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This is an awesome sketch!!Really DAEBAK!!I don’t know who is the drawer but i took this from, Kim Jong Kook and 2 Kids Gary & HaHa (Running Man)